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High Shear Mixing Blade

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High-shear mixing blades are essential for the proper mixing of all Jesmonite composite materials. Specifically designed and manufactured by Jesmonite for mixing Jesmonite base powder with the liquid.

Mixing Jesmonite with a blade will help to reduce the formation of air bubbles and ensure that the mix is smooth and free from lumps.

The mixing blade is also essential for proper dispersion of Jesmonite pigments into the Jesmonite mixture. Improper dispersion of pigment often results in a mottled (spotted) look.

Made from durable stainless steel. The small blade will attach to a 10mm chuck hand drill, while the large blade will attach to a 13mm (1/2") chuck hand drill.

Available in two blades sizes, 65mm (small) and 105mm (large) diameter.